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Monday May 30, 2016
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Contact  Kali Dhayatkar
kdhayatkar@ftcma.org / 970-482-2787
Location  Fort Collins Museum of Art, 201 S. College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524 - Map

Since 2007, Richard Renaldi has been working on a series of photographs that involve approaching and asking complete strangers to physically interact while posing together for a portrait. Renaldi pairs his subjects up and invites them to pose together, intimately, in ways that people are usually taught to reserve for their close friends and loved ones.

Renaldi creates spontaneous and fleeting relationships between strangers for the camera, often pushing his subjects beyond their comfort levels. These relationships may only last for the moment the shutter is released, but the resulting photographs are moving and provocative, and raise profound questions about the possibilities for positive human connection in a diverse society.

The Touching Strangers exhibition will be on view at the Fort Collins museum of Art, May 27– July 24, 2016.

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Location  Denver Zoo, 2300 Steele St, Denver CO 80205 - Map

For lovers of reptiles, frogs and fish! Take a one of a kind look into Tropical Discovery, home to all things slithery, slimy and scaly. You'll be transported into an exotic rainforest habitat that is home to more than 300 species and visit two different behind the scenes areas; outside the Komodo dragon exhibit for a face to face visit with one of the large lizards, and a second area that is the keeper's choice! It may be a bird's eye look into our 16,000 Pacific Reek habitat or meeting a frog thought to be extinct in the wild just to name a few. Each experience is different, so an adventurous attitude is recommended!

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Contact  866-800-1275
Location  Coors Field, 2001 Blake St, Denver CO ‎ - Map

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Location  Red Rocks Amphitheatre, 18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison CO 80401 - Map

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Location  Bluebird Theater, 3317 E Colfax Ave, Denver CO 80206 - Map

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